November 2018

Loving #changeyourperspective every day. You never know what the day will bring!


October 2018

Some amazing skies greeted us in October. Still marveling how much #changeyourperspective changed my life.


September 2018

1 whole year. 730 sunrises and sunsets 15.8K IG fans 5 Fox 28 weather pic appearances iStock Getty Images contributor #changeyourperspective <3


August 2018

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my #changeyourperspective… So much more in store. So excited for what’s next!


July 2018

#changeyourperspective. An incredible 31 days… Amazing light, lots of gnats, over 9,000 followers on Instagram… @AdoramaPix love! Magazine Cover #10… What an incredible, amazing, awesome month!

June 2018

Another incredible, amazing 30 turns of the sun! #changeyourperspective


May 2018

It’s been an amazing month to #changeyourperspective – happy 8 months of sunrises and sunsets!


April 2018

The most amazing light, all month long…


March 2018

Ides of March…


February 2018

Welcome February!

January 2018

It has been an amazing new year for the sun!


September – December 2017

I started photographing sunrises and sunsets every day (except Sunday mornings if I can help it!) on the evening of September 30th, 2017… Since then it’s been an amazing progression of trying to find different, more beautiful and increasingly more interesting views to shoot. I’ve loved every minute of it, every bug bite, ever hour of missed sleep, and every frosty fingertip. Wouldn’t change it for the world. Since I share them mostly through my personal page, I thought I would immortalize the past in one album per month going forward, and one album for all of the 2017 shots, in order from first to last. Here’s to the future, #chasingcolors and the best tag of them all… #changeyourperspective.