Every wedding I shoot brings a little piece of joy into my life, knowing that the young couple are starting a whole new, happy life together. I really do love and am honored to capture the memories that make up their special day. Here’s a sneak peek of some of Amanda & Sonny’s (and little Aurelia’s) awesome day.

Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-1 Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-2 Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-3 Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-4 Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-5 Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-6 Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-7 Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-8 Sonny-Amanda-Sneak-Peek-9